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Jenn Green MAP, MAC

Brain Coach
7-time entrepenuer
"The Brain Lady"

Business & Brain Coaching

We offer Business and Brain coaching to teens, adults, business owners; this service is customized to each person based on the current struggles facing you in your business or relationships.  We have worked with many on communication, organization, mindset, relationships, identity, work-life balance, managing anger and frustration, family issues, divorce, co-parenting, and various other subjects.

We work with adults and students of all ages to assist in understanding social, emotional, and psychological milestones, which lead to happy and healthy lives. Schedule your unstructured coaching with one of our coaches today!

What is Brain Coaching? Understanding how your brain works will give you insight into your life, tendencies, and how to change your outlook and trajectory. Discovering the impacts of biology, physiology, and psychology on your life can help you achieve more.

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