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Data Data Data, Need a CRM or Got a CRM let us help you use it right!

If you keep your client list on a pile of napkins, sticky notes, 12 different spread sheets or need to migrate to another CRM believe me when we say we have seen it all.

We have worked in almost every CRM out there or know enough to be dangerous and probably safe to say more than most that's why you probably are needing help.

We can take your data:

  • Convert your existing method into a spreadsheet

  • Data mine specific data for a project

  • Clean up your data or sort your data for tagging

Once we have your data looking better than it has ever been we get you setup in your CRM so that your CRM works for you and you actually use it.

"Most people only use about 20% of what their CRM can do"

We can ensure you know how to use it to its fullest. We can help you with tag setup and management or system automation. We are available to help as much or as little in the specific needs you have. Maybe it's one step in your process that you need help with.

With easy incremental billing you only pay for the time it takes with easy billing tracked to the minute. Only pay for the time you need.

  • CRM Setup

  • CRM Migration

  • CRM automation

  • CRM Maintenance

  • CRM Integration

Where do you need us to help you?

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